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Yes I Can Learning Academy Presents 3..2..1.. ACTION is designed for individuals whom are interested in the behind the scenes and the process of filmmaking! From shooting raw footage to the final production! Participants will learn creating scripts, directing, music scoring, filming angles and much more! At the conclusion of the program, family and friends will be invited to attend our "red carpet screening" of all the movies! 

Rico King - Lead Director
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Rico King is a film producer, director, writer & actor best known for producing the documentary Tears in the Bayou. In 2016, Rico was awarded the prestigious Best Film and Best Documentary at the Mount Vernon Film Festival for his film Down in the Hole. He re-entered the festival in 2017 and received the diamond award again for his documentary Tears in the Bayou. Tears in the Bayou has since been viewed over four million times on YouTube and is being used by Universities and Colleges across the US to train mental health professionals. 

After noticing his raw talent, King's College professor and AFTRA president Michelle Robinson hired him as a Director of Photography for her company Chicago Gyspy Production. Projects they worked on went on to win several awards at festivals. Thereafter, King started working on the 'Tales of King City' series. Using his entrepreneurial skills, King created a DVD distribution network from Houston, Tx to Boston, MA that helped him sell over 40,000 DVDs of his first production. His success in distributing the project landed him his first partnership deal with an angel investor and helped him raise the capital to launch Black King Entertainment.

Besides Filmmaking, Rico King is also a Fund Manager at Rich and Miles Investments and a community activist. His charity work includes the No Shoot Zone, an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of young children and their neighborhoods, and The Children's Kingdom, a non-profit that helps house, clothe and pay for the education of orphans in Kilimanjaro and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

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