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Lunch and After School Enrichment Program

2023 - 2024 

At Yes I Can Learning Academy Inc., we want to inspire the next generation in a fun and safe learning environment. We live in a time where technology is a driving force in our world; our aim is to prepare children and youth for this. We have created programs that will allow children and youth to use technology to get creative, think intellectually, and produce one-of-a kind projects. We offer a wide variety of programs to encourage this growth, such as Animation programs, Robotics and Coding, Science, Video Game Design, and much more! Our experienced and dedicated staff are here to provide students the ability to explore, navigate and, to learn skills that will benefit them in their day to day life while encouraging more to pursue the world of STEAM.


Yes I Can Learning Academy - Lunch / After School Enrichment Program 

Looking for a Lunch and/or After School Program for your school? Yes I Can Learning Academy will provide our programs at the comfort of your school! Our experienced instructors will bring all the equipment required to run the program! All we need is a open space or classroom! Check out of program offerings and see what program fits the need of your school! 

Lunch Program - Our instructors will supervise the students during lunch and they will participate in the program at the same time ! 


After School Programs - Students come to the assigned room for program and our instructors will perform dismissal at the conclusion of the program 

Fall Session: October - December 

Winter Session - January - March 

Spring Session - April - June 

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