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Leadership In Training 

YICLA believes that youth plays a large role in the society. Our youths is destined to be the driving force for the future. YICLA is dedicated to provide our youths an opportunity to develop their leadership skills through providing them with opportunity to explore the area of business and being an entrepreneur.


YICLA mentors will meet with the participants on a weekly basis to help guide them through different work shops to help further enhance their skill set. Our work shops includes but not limited to 


- First Aid / CPR Course (Extra Cost)

- Program Planning (Children Program) 

- Budgeting 

- Introduction to Business 

- Introduction to Marketing / Digital Marketing 

- Event Planning and Execution 

- Resume Workshops 

- Video Editing 

In addition to workshops, participants will learn how to set up community events from behind the scenes, administrative tasks and post event tasks. As a group, participants will come up with events and compete with other groups guided by our mentors! 

All participants will be able to achieve their high school volunteer hours! Once complete -Grade 9 students and higher will be able to achieve student employment with our partnered organizations! 


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